About Me

2015-cleve-v2-5502I’m a public speaker with an unusual background. Let me tell you about it…

I have a BA (Honours) in Psychology (York University), a Bachelor of Social Work degree (Dalhousie University) and an Master of Social Work degree from Memorial University.

So with an educational background  Social Work and Psychology, what’s my “day job”?

I’m a clown. That’s right…A clown.

I am the only professional Therapeutic Clown in Atlantic Canada. In my work, I use the art of clown to help young patients and their families cope with tough stuff like being sick, hurt, and in the hospital. It’s challenging, rewarding, and inspiring work. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned about embracing change, about play and creativity, and about service to others.

I can share what I’ve learned with your organization. Contact me, and we can talk about how my perspective from “behind the clown nose” can inspire your team.