What Do I Talk About, Anyway?


My promise to you is a relevant, engaging, and moving presentation that will inspire positive change.
I specialize in 30 to 60 minute keynote speeches. Tell me about your event, your organisation, your people, your strengths, and your challenges…I’ll craft the right talk for you.

Topics include:
Change and adaptability – The ability to carefully create a thoughtful plan of action is important. The ability to throw that plan out the window when needed is crucial. I’m an expert at  throwing plans out the window. Doing so requires a creative, playful, person-centered approach, and I would love the chance to tell you about it. This is a message that anyone who works for or with people needs to hear.
• Creativity and play – Play is how we access creativity. Creativity is the path to innovation. Innovation is how organizations thrive. Every day, I find new and unexpected ways to help others. Let me teach you to do the same.
• Service – Serving others is not a responsibility – it’s an opportunity! Every person and every organization serves others. If you truly pay attention to the needs of those you serve, and pay attention to your own skills and passion to serve, you will never go wrong. When you focus on service, you can’t help but succeed.

Still wondering what you will get when you hire me for your next event? Here’s a 13-minute version of what I do…My TEDx talk at Mount Saint Vincent University. Enjoy!