Don’t Just Take My Word For It!


Cleve was a great finale to our Tedx MSVU event. Telling poignant stories…he combined humour and compassion to inspire the audience and remind us of our shared humanity.

Scott MacMillan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Business and Tourism
Mount Saint Vincent University

After hearing and seeing Cleve Sauer speak, you will realize that he is in a class of his own as far as guest speakers and presenters go. Mr. Sauer, Therapeutic Clown, not only introduces you to the practice and importance of his work, but does it in a manner that opens your heart and your mind to seeing the world in a more humble, sincere and simpler way. Cleve inspires you to not only view human interactions differently but more importantly he inspires you to step up and behave in a more socially responsible way.

Cleve has a unique way of showing the audience that it is a privilege when people invite you to share in their lives, even for a short amount of time. He does this through words, body language, pictures, activities and music. Cleve Sauer speaks and presents in a manner that displays his passion for his work and humbly shows the amazing impact that his practice has on the lives of the children and their families that he has the privilege of interacting with.

Mr. Sauer shares his life experiences and teaches us that human interaction, regardless of the source, is a two way sharing and teaching experience that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It is important to note that although Cleve’s subject matter is serious, he interacts with the audience in a manner that respects the seriousness of his work delivered in a lighthearted, thoughtful and entertaining way. That must be the “Clown” in the “Therapeutic Clown”!

Cleve teaches us the power of “saying hello with a smile and then simply listening….”. Cleve Sauer, Therapy Clown, thank you for your final words of wisdom at our conference:
“Show up and Try Something.”

Rose Dipchand
Manager of Professional Affairs,
Pharmasave Atlantic, 2015

Cleve brought great energy and engagement to his keynote at the Mount – his message resonated with a vast cross section of Mount Saint Vincent University faculty and staff. There was something in his talk for everybody; the feedback from those attending has been tremendously positive.

Peter Mombourquette, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Business and Tourism & Hospitality Management
Mount Saint Vincent University